Veur Tempered Curved Glass

Company founded in 1963 by Mr. Ursi Michele which immediately enjoyed wide local and regional success, distinguishing itself for the precision and, since then, for the quality of the products.

After about twenty years Mr. Ursi with wide intuition, decides to sectorize the production of his company, starting the production of TEMPERED CRYSTAL and subsequently of CURVED CRYSTAL, acquiring a leading position in the market.

Ursi glassware today has a wide range of products: tempered glass, curved tempered glass, laminated tempered glass, curved tempered laminated glass, tempered glazed glass, laminated tempered glazed glass.

We can make tempered, enameled and / or laminated glass doors, enameled and / or laminated tempered glass tables, laminated tempered glass balustrades, complete stairs in laminated tempered glass all with certification.

The stratified tempered crystals can be either with transparent pvb or with opaque and also colored pvb (we have a wide choice of colors). Inside the glass you can also apply fabrics, wire mesh, prints, photos etc.

As far as enamelled (colored) tempered glass is concerned, we have all the colors that are part of the RAL scale available in our warehouse according to your application needs.

We produce curved tempered glass, curved non-tempered glass (according to requirements), stratified curved crystals (according to the methods described above.

Tempered glass is safety glass and at the Ursi Glass Factory you will have at your complete disposal the sector experts for all your needs, whether you are craftsmen, carpenters, interior decorators, surveyors, architects, entrepreneurs, etc.

It manufactures tempered crystals, curved crystals, stratified tempered crystals, tempered crystals for solar panels. Veur s.r.l. is always at your disposal to satisfy every need.

Our technical office will accompany you in the design of curved tempered glass.

The company, for curved glass projects, provides expert technicians for surveying and assistance on site.