The Ursi glass factory within its own company has plants to produce thermally tempered curved glass. We specialize in the production of thermally tempered curved glass, thanks to two tempering systems for curved glass, which offer us the possibility to make it for any need.

The plant for making curved glass is divided into two blowers to differentiate the production of curved glass by virtue of rays and developments.

The small blower for curved glass is able to curve from a minimum radius of 450 mm with an arc development (maximum) of 1200 mm, and a length of 2500 mm.

The large blower can bend from a minimum radius of 1200/1250 mm with a maximum arc development of 2500 and a length of 4800 mm.

Stairs in curved tempered laminated glass, curved glass balustrades, curved glass covers, shower cubicles, curved glass partitions and any other application where glass can be married.

The company offers its customers a staff of technicians who can follow the curved glass interventions right from the survey. For years now, Veur’s technical office has been dealing with three-dimensional reliefs of the curved glass parts, the executive design of the curved glass, three-dimensional and graphic processing in the event of a specific request and the elaboration of the drawings.

This service allows us to help and make our customers calm, so as to always and only have a reference regarding the responsibilities that revolve around the production of curved tempered glass.

The company is capable of making curved tempered glass and not even with constant radii. and on a specific project